Chiasma Featured on Eye See Home Promo’s Volume 3!

“Starboard” is featured on Eye See Home Promotions’ Volume 3 release. This is a great compilation of unsigned metal that we are honored to be listed among!

From Eye See Home:

Our Volume 3 compilation is now released
This year we are switching it up and having this as a split release. One half representing hard rock, metal, instrumental, metalcore, progressive metal, melodic metal. The other representing death metal, deathcore, progressive death metal, black metal, thrash metal. So this year we are presenting to you:
“ESHP Volume 3 – The Hard & The Extreme”

The Hard:
Animus Complex
Back Garden Light
Dora the Destroyer
The Caveat
Red Cain

The Extreme:
I, Pariah
Earth Groans
Kings Hollow

Download for FREE at (every donation to compilation goes directly back to the bands)
You can order them together or separate.

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Artwork made by Manfish Inc.

Human Element Out Now!!!

Human Element, Chiasma’s second full-length, independently released album, is out now on bandcamp and all major outlets!



Indianapolis-based melodic prog