“Just another female-fronted prog-metal band? Not exactly. Indianapolis’ Chiasma aren’t very far into their career, but they’re already carving a niche for themselves with a sound that includes the standard symphonic instrumentation and occasional growls, but also vocoders and a willingness to experiment with sound.” Mark Ashby, Progtopia

Chiasma is a five-piece melodic progressive band based in Indianapolis, IN. Started in 2014, the band initially operated as a recording project between guitarist Derek Steele, vocalist Katie Thompson, and drummer Dustin Weddle. Guitarist Ian Inman joined by summer and a full album was conceived in early autumn. The full-length debut album “Synthesis”was released independently in October 2014 on Bandcamp and all major music outlets. After a swift, positive reception, the band realized its potential as a full-time, fully functional project, and Dan Gugenheim was added on bass to complete the live lineup.

The band toured regionally throughout 2015, expanding its local fan base, and continued to make waves online with the promotion of the first album. By spring of 2015, ideas began brewing for the second  album. The sophomore effort “Human Element” was released November 4th on bandcamp on all other major outlets.



Derek Steele

Katie Thompson

Dustin Weddle

Ian Inman

Dan Gugenheim

Indianapolis-based melodic prog