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Chiasma is a five-piece melodic progressive band based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Started in 2014, the band initially operated as a recording project between guitarist Derek Steele, vocalist Katie Thompson, and drummer Dustin Weddle. Guitarist Ian Inman joined by summer and a full album was conceived in early autumn. The full-length debut album “Synthesis”was released independently in October 2014 on Bandcamp and all major music outlets. After a swift, positive reception, the band realized its potential as a full-time project, and Dan Gugenheim was added on bass to complete the lineup.

The band toured regionally throughout 2015, expanding its local fan base, and continued to make waves online with the promotion of the first album. By spring of 2015, ideas began brewing for the second full-length album. In early autumn of 2015, a playthrough of the first single, “Starboard,” was released along with a bonus track.

In 2016, a collaboration with Katie on Nuclear Blast giants Fallujah’s release  garnered more attention for Chiasma as they began wrapping up their sophomore effort.  In October Chiasma released a homage to the gym, narcissism, and theatrical Greek mythology with their first music video, “Narcissus and Echo.”

The 10 track full-length album “Human Element” released 04Nov2016 on all major online outlets.



IMG_2311Derek Steele

Guitarist and composer, Derek dreamed up the layers of ethereal pads and whimsical guitars that would become  Chiasma’s signature sound. With musical influences ranging from David Maxim Micic to Tigran Hamasyan, Derek draws from a broad swath of genres to shape his ideas. His familiarity with an array of instruments lend to very holistic songwriting, resulting in a listening experience that is as dynamic as it is synergistic.

Favorite Chiasma track: Circles

IMG_2276Katie Thompson

Singer and occasional keytar wielder, Katie has hit her stride with Chiasma. While she  finds inspiration in metal favorites such as Devin Townsend and Between the Buried and Me, Katie aims to add accessible, pop-influenced hooks to Chiasma’s music to open the often technical passages to a broader audience. Jumping between rhythmically driven chants to soft, ethereal layers, she enjoys the juxtaposition of opposites.

Favorite Chiasma Track: Narcissus 

IMG_2270Dustin Weddle

Drummer and backup vocal support,  Dustin uses his multi-instrumentalist background to keep Chiasma’s atmospheric, layered sound grounded.  His impeccably solid play style offers groove and cohesion without overwhelming the melodic elements. Dustin pulls from other genres ranging from punk to world music and gospel , adding just the right percussive personality.

Favorite Chiasma Track: Fourier Transform

IMG_2325Ian Inman

Riff shredder and occasional growler, Ian brings his technical prowess to the table to give Chiasma their sharp metal edge.  Pulling from favorites such as Cynic and Death, Ian switches between melodic solos and squealing riffs at the drop of a hat. His precise playing style and aggressive vocals add an engaging energy to the music whether on stage or off.

Favorite Chiasma Track: Silver Silence


Dan Gugenheim

Chiasma is thrilled to have the rumbling low-end of Dan’s bass on their upcoming album. Integrating stylings of innovative bassists such as Ryan Martinie, Dan knows when to tear along the percussive line and when to let the bass sing. A long time veteran of the scene, Dan balances the high vocals and stretching guitars for a beautifully complete final picture.

Favorite Chiasma Track: Afterglow


Interview with Progtopia 

Human Element delivers a fresh take on the progressive metal spectrum. Their ability to think outside the box in regards to instrumentation and vocals gives them a sound that takes the right amount of complexity and balances it with emotive atmosphere, giving it a richness that neither side could accomplish on their own..”  Dead Rhetoric, “Human Element” review, November 2016

“Just another female-fronted prog-metal band? Not exactly. Indianapolis’ Chiasma aren’t very far into their career, but they’re already carving a niche for themselves with a sound that includes the standard symphonic instrumentation and occasional growls, but also vocoders and a willingness to experiment with sound.” Mark Ashby, Progtopia, October 2015

“The standard of musicianship is top class, and the vocals of Katie are so angelic and unique. The ten tracks that constitute this masterpiece keep you glued to the cd player/iPod or whatever listening device you use, with some middle eastern influences popping up at times…This is a consistent release….having the potential to appeal to a broad range of Rock/Metal fans.” Ravenheart Music, “Synthesis” Review, November 2015

“Their style of progressive metal is eclectic and technically proficient, featuring a range of styles akin to acts such as Devin TOWNSEND and TO-MERA.” Progarchives, October 2014


Streaming Sampler: 

“Human Element” 320 Kbps MP3 Album (2016)

“Synthesis” 320 Kbps MP3 Album (2014)








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